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October 12, 2004 by 87devil
So, its been a few weeks and I'm back to finish up Atonement, an earlier post. Things are going a lot better in my love life, and hells worse in terms of finances, but oh well. Times are super tough right now, and if it weren't for Curly at times, I'd be shit up a creek. SO anyways, shoot, gotta finish this later.
August 31, 2004 by 87devil
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August 24, 2004 by 87devil
Hmmm the first post....what to talk about. So much has been bothering me lately, everything from non-responsive people to love crisis [sp?] to motherly instincts to growing old alone. First of all, I think it is quite rude and on-attentive of people who don't respond to another person. It only takes a second and if you don't respond it basically says you don't give a fuck. I hate walking through an office and saying hello to someone and it's not like they don't know you and they just walk by...
August 24, 2004 by 87devil
testing...hmm what to say....ugh need food first